Cooper's Signature Style Goes Stateside

Croyland Car Megastore mascot Cooper the dog's canine celebrity status has gone global following a request for his signature all the way from the United States.

An American autograph collector contacted Cooper at Croyland sending a letter, which has travelled thousand of miles, requesting Cooper adds his paw print to a collection of mascots signatures supplied from around the world.

Croyland's marvellous mascot has a local legion of fans in Rushden and Northamptonshire, where he has made numerous appearances at schools and events; however his fame and pooch popularity has now been recognised across the pond.

Cooper's clearly a dog in demand after receiving the personally penned request from Ramsey in Little Rock, the capital of Arkansas, asking for his autograph.

Autograph hunters are known for their dogged determination however Cooper's fan mail has travelled over 4,400 miles to reach the Rushden dealership.

In the letter, addressed personally to Cooper the Dog, Ramsey wrote: "Dear Cooper, I am sending you a big hug all the way from the United States! Wish I could meet you someday. I'm collecting autographs from mascots all over the world. If you could send me yours that would be great ...have a nice day!"

Croyland's celebrity canine was only too happy to oblige and has responded to Ramsey sending his autograph via air mail to be added to the global mascot collection of signatures.

Mark Swindells, General Manager for Croyland Car Megastore, said: "We get a lot of different requests here at Croyland and are always happy to help, however this fan mail for Cooper requesting his autograph was a first!

"This transatlantic 'tail' has brought a smile to all our faces. Cooper, being the honourable hound he is, who likes to deliver a first class service, was only too happy to help. Cooper responded to Ramsey's request and it's great to know Cooper's put his paw print on this and his autograph is now part of the collection of mascots signatures sourced from all over the world."