Cost of Speeding – Tougher Crackdown on Offenders

Speeding at the wheel will cost hazardous, hasty motorists even more as tougher punishments have been widely introduced in England and Wales.

Stricter punishments for the most serious speeding offences officially come into force from April 24th and motoring groups have welcomed the drive to crackdown on serious speeders.

The new guidelines have been introduced after the Sentencing Council said it wanted an increase in the penalty as the seriousness of offending rises.

Following a consultation, fines for drivers caught doing 51mph in a 30mph zone or 101 mph on a motorway will start from 150% of weekly income, rather than the previous level of 100%.

The new motoring measures have been introduced following responses to the consultation, which has said previous guidelines did not properly take into account the increase in potential harm that can result as speed above the limit increases.

Offending drivers will face tougher fines, which will also be increased for when motorists drive at 41mph or faster when there is a 20mph limit in place.

The maximum fines allowed by the law currently remain the same; speeding motorists cannot be fined over £1,000 unless the driving offence takes place on a motorway where the limit is £2,500.

Statistics revealed 244 people were killed in crashes that occurred when a driver was breaking the speed limit on Britain’s roads in 2015.

Motorists who drive at the correct speed will be unaffected by the new measures aimed at deterring dangerous drivers who put speeding before safety.