Driverless cars could be reaching Britain’s roads within three or four years

British Transport Secretary Chris Grayling expects driverless cars to be on UK roads in the next three to four years.

This comment follows the Government’s target date of 2021, in which the goal to have this new technology available and implemented. With investment of around £20 million for collaborative research, artificial intelligence and further development, the UK is soaring in front of the autonomous industry.

So far, we have seen innovation across the industry, including electric vehicles going mainstream, hybrid vehicles which Croyland continues to sell, automated parking, backseat surveillance and widescreen display dashboards among other continued developments, which affect and improve the way we drive.

Major car brands are already in the stages of development, with leaders such as Lexus, BMW and Mercedes making progress. You can also expect technology from Google and Apple to be making headlines in the next few years.

If driverless cars are to become the norm, there are several benefits which drivers may not be currently aware of. These include the possible reduction of harmful emissions by 60%, precise driving which could mean narrower streets and larger pedestrian spaces, as well as the potential involved with ecommerce delivery and logistics. This could mean having your pizza delivered by a driverless vehicle!

Of course, with this revolutionary technology on the horizon, there are challenges to overcome. These include ensuring that the vehicles work properly in all weather conditions, helping to improve public acceptance of self-driving technology, as well as insurance liabilities when human drivers are out of the picture.

To combat public anxiety, The GATEway project in London invited the general public to take part in a driverless shuttle service trial around the Greenwich Peninsula, then asked for them to share their opinion on the experience. Following the trial, 78% supported the idea of autonomous vehicles.

When it comes to driverless cars, there is a long road ahead, but as a dealership that supports innovation and eco-driving, we are looking forward to seeing these developments progress.