Electric Cars Making A Change In 2019

The popularity of electric cars has grown immensely over the years. In 2018 we noticed that the demand for electric vehicles is still growing at a rapid rate and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The need for more charging points is also in high demand to keep the increasing number of eco-friendly cars running efficiently.

The benefits of owning an E-vehicle has influenced a significant amount of drivers to take the green path. Lower emissions, low running costs, low maintenance costs and the overall benefits to our environment are all substantial factors when making a mindful decision on changing your current vehicle.

Croyland Car Megastore are also making an additional conscious effort this year to encourage drivers to include EVs in their decision making when thinking about a new purchase. We are hopeful that the popularity of electronic cars shall result in a decrease to the amount of damage that is affecting our environment.

With the popularity of electric vehicles increasing, Croyland Car Megastore are hoping to extend the range of EV’s at the dealership. A great starter car when changing to electric is the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. Hybrids make converting to a more economical car less daunting. The PHEV has a dual power source of electric and petrol that can either be used together or alone as a pure electric car, perfect for easing yourself into a whole new way of driving.

If you’re already an EV owner planning an upgrade or wanting to fully commit to an all-electric car the BMW I3 Range Extender is a fantastic addition to your lifestyle. The BMW I3 has a top speed of 93mph with zero driving emissions. It is designed with 5 coach doors, making it a spacious and practical car for families with a compact exterior that creates a dynamic city car.

To generate even more growth within the number of electric car owners we now supply electric vehicle charging points at our dealership. Taking your first steps to improve your ecological foot print can be daunting; however, our great selection of eco-friendly cars and easy to use charging points will ease your mind and impact your lifestyle with a smooth approach.

If you are purchasing your first EV with us then we will personally inform you on all the required information on owning an electric vehicle and provide a full demonstration on how to use the charging points provided to fuel your new motor.

Here at Croyland Car Megastore we have made it our mission to fill new owners with confidence and to maintain it by providing an ongoing service with our charging points so that your car will always run smoothly.