Let’s Go Green!

Did you know that the way you drive can significantly affect the amount of pollutants your car releases? Driving with care and avoiding sudden stops and starts, as well as limiting unnecessary miles by completing all errands in one trip, would not only reduce emissions it would also save you money on fuel! Alternatively, if the destination is only a short distance away you could opt to either bike, walk or even hop on the bus!
To further decrease your carbon footprint, lowering your vehicle’s speed by 10mph, could increase the efficiency of the fuel input, whilst also shrinking the carbon dioxide output.
When filling up your motor, take a minute to check your fuel cap. If it’s broken, it may let out potent vapors into the atmosphere, as well as wasting the fuel inside – if you are spending money putting fuel in your car, you don’t want to waste it!
Having the correct tyre pressure can improve your car’s mileage by approximately 3.3%. If the tyres are not at the correct pressure, it exaggerates the effort that the engine puts in to move the car, subsequently using far more fuel.
If you want to take ‘going green’ one step further, there are cars that specifically reduce greenhouse gas related emissions. Hybrid cars are part electric and part petrol/diesel. They come in two types; parallel hybrids and the series hybrids. Both types have been proven to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and when in hybrid mode, they can reduce these emissions by 15-30%. Of course this largely depends on the driving patterns of the owner.
Whatever your vehicle preference we have a wide selection of petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles to choose from. If you are not sure what would be most economical for you, just ask one of our knowledgeable and friendly sales team members who will be happy to help!