Message of Thanks

Here at Croyland Car Megastore, we believe that all good deeds, no matter how big or small, shouldn’t go unnoticed.

We’re all guilty of sometimes getting caught up in ‘the big things’ in life and forget that sometimes, a simple thank you, message of appreciation or an offer of help can really make a huge difference to someone’s day, especially if that person is having a ‘bad’ day.

So when we received a thank you card following a car accident outside our site on the Northampton Road on 31st October, it really made us even more aware of how our actions affect others.

The owner of the vehicle in the accident wanted to extend her thanks and gratitude to us, as well as two kind customers who had been in the Shell Garage and rushed to the aid of her and her family. The message read: “There is so much kindness in this world that goes unnoticed. So in quiet moments, I give thanks to those unsung heroes.”

If this story sounds familiar to you, or you know who may have helped out at this accident we would love to hear from you and would be delighted if you could get in touch.

After all, “A good deed is not just a duty, but above all, a privilege.” Shari Arison,American Business Woman & Philanthropist