Motoring Society Mishap – Used Car Sales Remain High Despite Statistical Screw Up

As a used car seller, it piqued our interest when an organisation claimed a serious decline in vehicle industry sales.

The Society of Motor Manufactures and Traders recently released reports that greatly exaggerated a ‘fall’ within the British car market, noting a major decline in overall sales but more specifically of used car sales.

However, this contradicts the true reality in which dealers are continuously selling more used cars as reinforced by the pumping out of Nissans, Minis, Range Rovers among others.

Initially, the body stated that used cars sales had fallen in the second quarter by a record 13.5%. Once a second data report rendered the figure wrong, the momentous mistake forced the society to withdraw the announcement once the figure was revealed to be only 0.7%.

The group cites a faulty algorithm for the statistical mishap, with the correct result now unveiling that second hand sales are ahead for the first six months by 1.3%.

“From a dealer’s point of view, used cars are still very much in demand and you only have to look at car manufacture output figures to justify this,” says Mark Swindells, Croyland Car Megastore’s General Manager.

“We’re pleased to see that customers continue to buy second hand cars, and that business is booming elsewhere.”

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