When it comes to cars, the government is going from green to greener. In the ongoing mission to combat rising levels of air pollution, it has been announced that new diesel and petrol cars will be banned from 2040 in the UK.

In a bid to tackle emissions and reduce risk of poor air quality on public health, the same rule will apply to vans and hybrid vehicles also.

The news follows in the footsteps of France who announced the same incentive earlier this July, with environment minister Nicolus Hulot announcing the outlaw of any “new project to use petrol, gas or coal”.

Measures already in place include the ‘toxin tax’ in which diesel car drivers face a charge of up to £20 when driving in UK cities, including London, Birmingham, Manchester and more.

Those who have purchased new petrol and diesel cars as of April this year have also faced additional changes to VED (Vehicle Excise Duty), with highest polluting drivers possibly paying up to £2000 vehicle tax.

Cars exempt from VED however, include zero-emission and electric cars, the types of vehicle that the government’s clean air strategy is favouring and promoting.

It’s not just authorities who are pioneering this environmental move, with leading manufacturer Volvo announcing an end to vehicles solely powered by internal combustion engines by 2019. The landmark decision will see makes being partially or completely battery-powered, with five 100% electric models already in the works.

Mini has also jumped aboard, with a fully-electric model being made at Cowley’s BMW plant.

“It’s great to see so much innovation within the automotive industry. However, there’s so much that drivers can do already to improve their carbon footprint,” says Mark Swindells, Croyland Car Megastore’s General Manager.

“Green driving can range from smooth driving and reduced carrying, to choice of fuel such as our Shell Garage’s advanced Shell V-Power Fuel which contains 30% more cleaning molecules than maingrade fuel.”

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