Preparing Your Car to Sell

When it comes to selling a beloved motor, we’d all like to get the best price we can. Not dissimilar to selling a house, the aim is to primp and preen until it has that valuable, cared-for appearance. Whilst the thought of cleaning your car can be an unwelcome, and sometimes daunting task, it can help to increase its value.

If you’re feeling a little low on elbow grease, you could opt to go pro and take it to a professional valet where you would look to spend anywhere between £15 to £50. Alternatively, you could take on the challenge yourself and rejuvenate your motor by hand. Of course you are more likely to get a professional clean look with professional products, so splashing out on some up-market cleaning tools could help gain money on your sale.

…And don’t forget to give your engine a good wipe over and check all the electrics on your car, including wipers, indicators, lights etc. to avoid any embarrassment on the day.

Although monotonous, having all the correct paperwork is essential. This includes: the V5C registration document (logbook), the car’s service history including the receipts and service book, MOT certificates, warranty documents, and the car’s handbook. Having all the correct paperwork in place may also help you make a quicker sale.

If your vehicle is more than five years old, the odd bump and scratch can be expected. However, if it’s a newer car then it is worth getting any marks removed to preserve its value.

Here at Croyland Car Megastore we also prepare all our vehicles to sell by taking each motor through rigorous testing before it goes on the forecourt. Each vehicle is independently tested- which includes: a history check, comprehensive inspection report and 12-months free breakdown cover, giving all our customers that added extra peace of mind!