Price of Used Diesel Vehicles Remain Stable

Used diesel prices are continuing to grow at a steady rate says the Auto Trader Retail Price Index, with the average price of a used diesel reaching £14,360.

Whilst negative coverage has argued otherwise, the figure marks a 5% increase from the same period during the previous year and an annual 2% increase. This rise has particularly gained momentum within the last month given September’s figure being a £282 increase from July’s results.

The Auto Trader Retail Price Index compiles statistics from over 500,000 trade used car listings along with pricing data from approximately 3,000 car dealerships within the UK. Further data is gathered from auction houses, OEM, as well as fleet and leasing disposal prices to gather a more precise picture.

Negative discussion has recently focused on the decline of new diesel sales, down 9% from the same month in 2016, especially with concerns being fuelled by economy pressures and an eventual diesel and petrol ban by 2040.

Contrastively, Auto Trader has revealed that used diesels have seen a 4% rise given a sum of 1.7 million that were purchased in the first half of this year.

Mark Swindells, General Manager at Croyland Car Megastore is at the forefront of the latest vehicle industry news. He commented, “As a used car dealer, we’ve seen changes to customer behaviour in the last few months and notably, customers are making used vehicles their first choice over new.”

“Diesels are remaining a popular choice for quite a couple of reasons, with customers choosing to stay loyal to what they know and enjoy driving.”

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