Shell V-Power Arrives at Croyland

On top of providing great value fuel in Rushden, Shell V-Power has arrived at our very own on-site Shell garage to keep your motor at its optimal performance.

As an additional benefit to drivers, the Shell V-Power range now provides Croyland customers with premium unleaded and diesel fuel.

Compared to Shell’s regular maingrade fuel, the boosted DYNAFLEX Technology is enhanced by 30% more cleaning molecules, which help to target key factors that reduce engine performance, specifically assisting to remove dirt deposits.

If you’re a diesel user, new Shell V-Power helps to remove deposits formed on the intake valves and/or fuel injector nozzles.

If you’re a driver of an unleaded vehicle, however, you can expect Shell V-Power unleaded to work at the heart of your car’s engine through its new friction reducing ingredient.

Whilst benefits vary from vehicle to vehicle, we ensure that your fuel economy is improved with Shell’s high quality fuel. Whether you regularly pay us a visit with your family, or we’ve just a short stop off on your commute, we’re proud to provide you with Britain’s No. 1 performance fuel.

For more on fine-tuning your engine, improving your fuel efficiency and reducing consumption, head to Croyland Car Megastore to get the most out of your driving.