The Big Question: At what point do you purchase a new car?

When debating on whether you need a new car, it is often difficult to find the right balance between the desire for a newer model and deciding if it is truly a necessary purchase.

You might still be loyal to your first ever motor? Or are you sceptical about the costs of a more recent model? It is entirely possible that the cost of maintaining your current drive will outweigh the price of purchasing a new vehicle.

Initially you need to consider the amount of money you are already paying out to keep your car running. Think about its everyday usage, its purpose and how efficient your car really is.

On top of running costs, do you find yourself to be a regular visitor to the garage, or worse, are you all too familiar with roadside assistance? The age of your car, poor servicing and even inefficient driving are all factors to consider when thinking about changing your vehicle.

Sometimes you might find yourself in the position of having a perfectly functioning car but life has happened. You might need to upscale with the new additions to the family, or on the other hand, downscale if the kids are moving out.

Rather than focus on what your current car does not have, there are several pros to advancing to a newer make, without having to compromise on cost.

Mark Swindells, General Manager at Croyland Car Megastore comments: “Safety and efficiency are common criteria that drivers are using when purchasing cars with us.”

“Several newer models include features such as back up cameras and stronger brakes whilst consuming less and less fuel. Since our stock is all second-hand, we’re pleased to provide that added bonus of selling quality vehicles at really competitive prices.”

If you are in the process of assessing whether a new used car is for you, head to Croyland and our staff will be happy to make you aware of your options.