The trouble with diesel – hysteria or hype?

As the recent diesel debate ignited discussions centred around air pollution and talks of scrappage schemes, Croyland Car Megastore clarify the options for car buyers.

Whilst the green agenda has grabbed headlines, the focus has not been so much on the positives of low emission vehicles, but rather the negatives associated with diesel cars and their perceived pollution. However, latest figures have revealed a quarter of a million new diesel cars registered in March, confirming that the demand for diesel is clearly showing no signs of slowing down.

“Though it is great to see an increase in greener vehicles on the roads, figures are also showing that diesel vehicles are still very much the norm and popular with car buyers, despite the increased ‘hysteria’,” says Mark Swindells, Croyland Car Megastore’s General Manager.

Despite the connotation of ‘dirty diesels’, Mark insists, “With the registration of diesel cars at an all-time high, the high figures and negative headlines are not corresponding. In fact, diesel cars emit approximately 20% less CO2 than petrol alternatives according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers (SMMT).”

Diesels have long been a popular choice for drivers due to their high fuel economy, despite the hysteria around gas emissions that has further developed through ‘toxin taxes’. In the hopes of reducing air pollution, London leads the way in charging diesel drivers up to £20 a day for travelling in peak hours. The same charge is set to apply to 35 cities across the UK including Birmingham, Nottingham and Leeds by 2019.

What drivers perhaps do not know is the recent improvements to newer diesel models. The SMMT continues to support newer and cleaner diesel technology. Euro 6 diesel cars have seen reductions in particulates, sulphur and carbon monoxide, making them exempt from this daily charge. As every car registered since September 1st 2015 has had to be Euro 6 compliant by law, newer diesel models are then left unaffected by extra emission taxes, reinforcing that hysteria has merely become hype.

This is on top of improved fuel, such as Shell V-Power, which has recently arrived at Croyland’s on site Shell garage. Enhanced with 30% more cleaning molecules, diesel owners can expect stronger dirt removal in their vehicles and cleaner vehicle performance.

“What is most important is that vehicle buyers are able to find a deal that suits them,” Mark says. “There are benefits to both petrol and diesel vehicles, and given that our second-hand vehicles are less than three-years old, customers have even more incentive to find their perfect car with us.”