Croyland’s Top Tips for Winter Car Maintenance

Whilst winter brings about the need to wrap up warm and hope for signs of snow, cold winter days can place a strain on your vehicle. Therefore you should not overlook the importance of winter vehicle maintenance.

Just a few simple maintenance procedures could see your motor through the worst of the weather. So, don’t take any chances this winter and learn from our top winter car checks.

Car battery

Did you know, your car battery works twice as hard in winter, especially as it loses around 35% of its power when temperatures drop to freezing.

One of the more common vehicles problems drivers face in the winter is a flat vehicle battery, which can often end up with a need for a replacement. A key sign that can indicate your battery may be on its way out is if it slow to start. In order to avoid having a worn-out battery, have it tested by a professional for that peace of mind.


Your tyres are your car's only connection to the road, therefore it's critical that they are in good shape and properly inflated.

Consider converting to winter tyres because not only are they better suited to maintain flexibility at low temperatures, they can give good grip when stopping and turning on cold and wet surfaces, even if there isn't snow on the ground.

Not to be forgotten either, remember to check your tyre pressure as you wouldn’t want the low air pressure in your tyres to be the reason your car skids!


On top of checking your battery, inspect your lights and indicators to guarantee they are in efficient working order.

Evidently, because the sun sets earlier in the winter, you have less daylight to work with on your commute home. It's vital to ensure that not only you can see where you’re going but also that other drivers can see you.

Checking your car is easily something you can do at home too. Once turned on, walk around your car and confirm that all the lights are working and are free from snow, grit and dirt. Remember to have someone press the brake pedal too so you can assess the brake light.


When faced against the elements and heavy rain, wiper blades are crucial to driving. Check your wiper blades for splits and cracks as they are not everlasting and will eventually need to be replaced. Examine their ability to clear your screen and replace as necessary.

By carrying out these easy checks, you can better prepare your vehicle for the colder days. Just by having your car serviced and prepared for winter driving conditions, you can ensure it is up to the challenge.

Our team at Croyland’s Service & MOT Centre can help check your vehicle, no matter the make or model to give you a quick, efficient and accurate service every time.