Simple Spring Car Cleaning

There’s nothing like a good spring clean! After months of bad weather it’s good to give your vehicle a thorough clean. Often road grime, dirt, debris, and potentially salt build-up can collect on your vehicle. Having a deep clean helps reduce the risk of this dirt damaging your paint finish and creating pockets of rust, which will lead to serious problems later if not addressed.

For the interior of your vehicle, it’s worth taking time to spruce up the interior space of your car as well. Cleaning and vacuuming as well as washing windows inside can help maintain your vehicle.

Airing out your air-con
Your air-con vents will often collect and gather dust. To help with cleaning these tricky vents narrow gated areas, use an old clean paint brush or a cheap foam art brush to reach these areas, alongside a hoover to suck up the dust as you go along.

Keeping crevices clean
Checking small gaps and narrow crevices are just as important to clear when cleaning your vehicle. Having a damp old toothbrush or fine wire brush is handy to reach into small nooks and crannies to gather crumbs, dust and grime especially in seat linings.

Quick cup clean-up
Cup holders easily become no-go areas with clutter building up and sticky spills from drinks can stain coins and other bits of pocket detritus. However, using cupcake liners inside the space can help make cleaning this small area a piece of cake by simply taking out the liner and replacing it with a new one.

Getting out of a hairy situation
For our furry friends, while we enjoy taking them with us in our vehicles whenever the opportunity arises, we don’t so much enjoy the lingering seat hairs they can leave behind. Filling a spray-headed bottle with water, spray the offending seat to loosen the hairs. Wipe away the hairs with a squeegee – similar to ones used against shower windows or any flat and smooth rubber-bladed device – to see how easily they come off.

Happy hubcaps
Clean hubcaps can make the difference in your vehicle’s appearance. Take washing powder mixed in water to create a paste to apply to your hubcaps. Gently scrub the paste with a toothbrush before washing off with water. This makes an easier job of keeping them sparkling.

When it comes to disinfecting the car interior, using antibacterial cleaner or wipes instead of bleach-based cleaners would be useful on frequently touched spots in and on the car. Steering wheel, door handles, seatbelts, gear stick, radio and touch screens are areas which hands would be touching the most and allow bacteria to settle. Using antibacterial wipes help keep soft-touch and painted surfaces clean and not cause cracks or fading over time like bleach-based products would.

It’s just as important to check and clean under your vehicle hood/bonnet as well with issues such as battery decay and replacing filters vital to keep your car in top condition and performance. Our team at Croyland’s Service & MOT Centre can help check your vehicle, no matter the make or model, from cars to vans, we can make sure your motor remains safe and sparkling!

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