Croyland’s Contactless Service

In these uncertain times we have, as have many other businesses, had to react to the changing world and look at an alternative way to continue to operate whilst putting the safety and confidence of our employees and customers first. With that in mind we are pleased to announce our new range of contactless services available to all of our customers. Our website already allows you to reserve any vehicle as well as buy in full or complete finance for the vehicle completely online. In addition to this we are also able to offer:

Virtual appointments
book a virtual appointment where we will happily discuss the vehicle options available to you alongside of answering any questions you might have. We can also show you around the vehicle during the appointment too.

Video demonstrations
Seen a vehicle you like on our website but would like to know more? We can send you a video via WhatsApp to show you more.

Free test drive at home

If you live within 20 miles of Croyland we will happily safely deliver the vehicle to your home, practicing safe distancing and hygiene rules. This will then allow you to test drive the vehicle alone.

Contactless viewing area
We have a dedicated area at our site in Rushden where we will prepare the vehicle ready for viewing. Each vehicle will be sanitised following a strict disinfection procedure.

This includes sanitising:

  1. The steering wheel
  2. Cup holders
  3. Seatbelts
  4. Inside door handles
  5. Gearshift knob
  6. Radio buttons
  7. Satnav controls
  8. Handbrake
  9. Indicator
  10. Headlight controls
  11. Windscreen wiper controls

Gloves are worn at all times by our team when cleaning vehicles and discarded after each use.

Completing your purchase

You can complete the purchase of your vehicle, including financing it through our website. We can also talk you through this via a virtual appointment if you are not comfortable completing the process on your own.

Once you have completed the purchase we can arrange delivery of your vehicle where will practice distancing and hygiene rules to ensure both you are our employees are safe