Independent HPI Check

All vehicle history checks are not the same! We use HPI, the UKs leading car history checking service. HPI were the first to introduce this invaluable service and have been checking used car vehicle histories since 1938, so you can have peace-of-mind knowing that you are receiving the most comprehensive and accurate search.

As well as confirming if a vehicle has any outstanding car finance, it checks if it is recorded as stolen, has previously been written off or even clocked. HPI's used car database will check and confirm other details including: model, make, colour, number of doors and the size of the engine. The data checks protect the interests of our customers.

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Does your HPI check show Unit Stocking?

When buying a car from a dealer, you may come across the term Unit Stocking on your vehicle history check.

This is a type of financial agreement allowing motor dealers such as ourselves to fund the variety of vehicles in our showroom.

In selecting your perfect car, you might find that there is still finance outstanding whilst it’s for sale. However, this isn’t anything out of the ordinary and nor should it deter you from making a purchase.

In this circumstance, Croyland Car Megastore will settle and clear your unit stocking finance for you, allowing you to proudly take ownership debt-free.

If you’d like to enquire or find out more whether your choice of car is affected, simply talk it over with our showroom staff who will be happy to assist with your queries.