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The sky’s the limit for one of Croyland Car Megastore’s newest team members.

Ross Clayton, 20, got 2017 off to a flying start, joining the business as an aspiring apprentice sales executive.

Croyland Car Megastore is leading the way in the industry as an increasing number of businesses are attracting new employees by offering inspiring apprenticeships in the workplace.

These apprenticeships are proving popular as demonstrated with the rise in young people who want to earn as they learn and are foregoing the traditional university route in favour of the debt free acquisition of skills.

Ross, who lives in Sharnbrook, successfully studied for and passed his A-levels, however he decided university wasn’t for him.

With his long-term career horizons set high, he revealed he eventually wants to become a commercial pilot in the future, he decided to seek an alternative to higher education.

Before joining the team at Croyland, Ross worked in a number of positions including as a barman at a local pub, where he approached the owner of a business specialising in restoring vintage Bentleys and was offered a job on the spot.

Ross admitted his passion for cars comes from his father, who used to race motorcycles.Since he was a toddler Ross’s earliest memories have been of tinkering in the family garage, helping his father fix cars and motorbikes.

So it wasn’t surprising he ended up following in his father’s tread tracks and set his sights on working in the motor industry at Croyland Car Megastore, where he recently joined the team.

Ross revealed: “I repaired and sold my first motorbike when I was 12-years-old.”

Ross swapped two wheels; he regularly rode a motorcycle, for four wheels and now drives a VW.

He spent several months working on priceless Bentleys before acquiring sales skills during a stint as a door-to-door salesman with a double-glazing firm, where he was quickly promoted to a team leader.

With his love of motor vehicles an apprenticeship in the motor trade proved an ideal opportunity.

Ross relishes a challenge and enjoys the customer facing aspects an apprenticeship at Croyland entails. He juggles his Croyland career with his other passion, flying lessons.

He said: “I first started flying when I had a lesson for my 18th birthday. I’d always wanted to fly and was inspired by my godfather who flew Lancaster Bombers during the war.

“Eventually I want to achieve my PPL (Private Pilot License) and fly commercial passenger jets in the future when I am older.”

For now Ross’s feet are firmly on the ground as he embarks on his yearlong apprenticeship at Croyland.

He said: “I’m really enjoying it here, everyone is really bubbly, friendly and welcoming. So far I’ve been involved in different aspects including shadowing sales staff, collecting cars and taking customers on test-drives, along with learning new ITC skills.

“I’m really enjoy the face to face aspect with customers. Apprenticeships are perfect for people who don’t want to go to university, you are getting paid to get a qualification – it’s education without the debt.”