Frequently Asked Questions | Croyland Car Megastore

Frequently Asked Questions

1)What are your opening times?

We are open from 9 – 7 on weekdays

9 – 6 on Saturdays

10 – 6 on Sundays

2) I can’t seem to find the car I am looking for on your website, can you help?

Of course. Do not despair if you cannot find the specific car you are looking for on our website, we would be happy to try our best to source it for you. We recently sourced a car for Britain’s Got Talent’s Ashley and Pudsey after we sold the specific car they were after! Just give us a call on 01933 420706 to speak to one of our sales team.

3) What are your available payment methods?

We accept payment for our vehicles via debit, electron and credit card. We also accept bankers draft/building society, personal and business cheques although this need a little more time to clear before you can collect your vehicle. Bank transfer (Bacs/TT/Same day) and cash payments are also accepted although cash is subject to a 2% surcharge for all amounts of £1000, due to new legislation regarding money laundering all cash payments over €10,000 are by arrangement only and two proofs of ID are required.

4) Can you arrange my finance for my new car?

Of course we can. All we need is a few details from you and we can start the process. We more than often find finance for people who have struggled elsewhere.

5) Do you buy private vehicles?

The majority of our cars come from our Head Office (Grosvenor Leasing Ltd) and we ordinarily do not buy private vehicles, however if your car is in good condition, under 5 years old with a full service history we will consider buying it. We also take Part Exchange vehicles, so get in touch today!

6) Can I part exchange my old car?

Yes. We will do our best to get the best price for your old car and help you on your way to purchasing one of our great deals.

7) Where are you?

We are based in Rushden, Northamptonshire. Our six-acre site boasts hundreds of high quality vehicles and is very accessible with easy access to parking.

8) Can you settle my finance on my old car?

We can. Usually this will be done by cheque on the day of collection of your new vehicle. We will require a settlement letter from your finance company before your collection day so that we can make that possible.

9) What warranty is offered with a new vehicle?

All our vehicles are covered by the Sales Of Goods Act. This means that we will endeavour to make sure that every one of our cars are fit for purpose before you come to collect. If the car has any issues within the first 3 months, please come straight to us.

We do have a selection of warranties that we can register before your collection, starting from £299.

10) What breakdown cover is offered with a new vehicle?

ALL of our vehicles come with free breakdown cover for twelve months. This provides 24-hour roadside assistance for 12 months when you’re over a quarter of a mile from home, your car is covered no matter who is driving and if we can’t fix your car we’ll tow you to the nearest garage. It really does cover all eventualities!

11) Do you do a 7-day free insurance?

Unfortunately we do not. Because of new regulations, we are unable to provide any free insurance. You will need to make sure your car is insured before you collect.

12) What do I need to bring to my handover?

There are several different things that we need you to provide:

1) Any cards that you have made payment with over the phone. This will allow us to verify the payment on your file.

2) Anything that is for your part exchange. This includes spare keys, service history, MOT and your V5 log book.

12) Do you do cherished transfers?

We can carry out a cherished transfer on your behalf. Before we carry it out, we would need:

  • Full payment of the vehicle
  • Your most recent log book for your part exchange
  • Confirmation that your part exchange is taxed and has a valid MOT

We will then go through the paperwork with you and send it off special delivery as soon as possible.

You will need to wait for both log books to come back through the post to your address. Once received, we can arrange for you to come and collect your new vehicle.