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10 simple and practical tips that truly can help improve your fuel consumption.

Your Car needs some occasional TLC

Follow your car manufacturer’s recommendation on servicing as a well-tuned engine can improve fuel economy. We also sell a wide selection of Shell motor oils to help keep your motor at its optimal performance.

Boot it out
Keep your boot and back seat clear of heavy and unnecessary stuff that is just dead weight and only adding to your fuel consumption!

Idling gets you nowhere
Turn the engine off to stop burning fuel when you’re come to a standstill. If you stop for over 10 seconds, as a general rule switch off your engine.

The right gear
Improve your fuel efficiency by ensuring you are in the right gear. A higher gear and lower your engine speed reduces fuel consumption. Stop your engine labouring and change gear regularly.

Open and shut case
Having your windows or sunroof open, or loading bikes and all and sundry onto the roof, can significantly reduce your fuel economy.

Fuel drainers
Anything that puts a heavy load on your battery will do the same to your fuel economy, like air conditioning. You should also make sure your battery is in tip top condition to ensure your alternator is not constantly trying to charge the battery and using additional fuel.

Time your drive
If you can avoid driving in heavy stop-start traffic you will improve your fuel economy. When possible avoid the rush hour. It makes a noticeable difference! We know this is easier said than done!

Not all fuels are equal
You can improve your fuel economy through using the right fuel, so ensure you choose a high quality like Shell.

Eye opener
Try and think ahead whilst you’re driving. This includes slowing down in plenty of time to let traffic lights change, rather than stopping completely, or before you reach the foot of a hill speed up a little. Always leave a reasonable distance to the car in front to allow you time to brake evenly.

Having the correct tyre pressures improves safety and helps to ensure they last longer. Under inflated tyres reduce fuel economy.

Shell Garage at Croyland Car Megastore Northampton

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