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Confidence-Boosting Advice For New Drivers

Congratulations! You’ve passed your test and you are now driving down the road to independence.

Passing your test can be exciting; however, it can also be daunting when you first set out on your own. From driving alone, owning your first car and figuring out the best insurance deals, we have created some essential tips to help increase your confidence and prepare you for the road ahead.

The Right Car For New Drivers

If you have been waiting until after you have passed your test to find a car, it is important to think about what type of vehicle works for you and what you can afford.

It is crucial to think about how the type of car you choose will affect the insurance. A way to check would be to source quotes from various insurance companies, using the details of the car you would wish to purchase. Take into account the fuel consumption, drivability and reliability of your potential car. This way you can see if your vehicle of choice will cost you more in the long run.

As a first-time car buyer, it can be difficult to feel confident about making decisions around your first vehicle. Take an experienced driver along with you to view your possible purchases and they can offer their own advice.


Finding the right insurance can be overwhelming. If you are nervous about driving, why not add a named driver. This could provide you with a cheaper deal and allow you to gradually ease in to driving on your own.

Another great way to increase your confidence and potentially secure cheaper insurance deals is to take the Pass Plus test. This is a practical course which refreshes your driving skills after taking your driving test.

Get To Know Your Vehicle

After you have purchased your car, it is important to get to know your vehicle and understand how it runs. Be sure to read all the crucial information in the manual, so that you understand the features you will be using on a day to day basis, as well as any other useful health and safety information.

Sit in your car whilst it is stationary to familiarise yourself with your surroundings. It is easier to get used to the controls of your car and understand what they all do when you do not have to concentrate on driving.

Set Goals

When you receive your driving license it suddenly dawns on you that you will be driving solo. This can be nerve-wracking when you have become so accustomed to having your driving instructor or family member sitting by your side.

A great way to build confidence is to set yourself some goals and targets that are achievable. Start by taking short trips and gradually build up towards longer journeys.

Take a short drive to your local supermarket, then take the next step by driving a little longer to a friend or family member’s house.

By setting targets, you reduce the pressure and before you know it you will be taking longer journeys in no time.

Don’t Be Afraid of P Plates

Many new drivers soon whip off the red L-plates from their cars with joy. However, P-plates can be beneficial for your first weeks as a new road user.

P-plates notify other road users that you are a new driver, this will encourage them to have more consideration towards your actions on the road, allowing you to drive at ease.

If you need help finding the perfect first car, give Croyland a call and we can help assess the right car to suit your needs.

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