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Croyland's Top Tips for Driving Safely this Winter

With winter fast approaching, drivers know all too well that the weather can often be unpredictable; affecting general visibility, wheel grip, road safety and more.

At Croyland, we want to make sure you are aware of the car checks you need to make and, more importantly, how you can drive safely.

With this easy checklist, you can ensure you are fully prepared when conditions are harsh, allowing you to improve your winter driving even more.

Before you Drive

First you need to ask yourself if you even need to make a trip in the first place. When road surfaces are slippy and likelihood of traffic is high, driving can often appear more effort than it’s worth, especially if it’s possible by foot.

Don’t forget to make the necessary vehicle checks: brakes and brake lights, tyre pressure and tread, even the battery. You may also need to top up your oil or anti-freeze. Prevention is always better than a cure!

Remember to set off only once both your windscreens and outside mirrors are scraped, clear and ice-free.

During your Journey

Keep your driving slow, steady and smooth. This will often mean longer journeys, so make sure you allow longer time to get from A to B. By keeping to these three S's, you will avoid skidding and any loss of control.

Try to maintain movement where possible, especially when driving up hills. When driving downwards, however, keep the car at a low gear. This does the work rather than the acceleration.

Stopping can take ten times longer on an icy surface, so ensure your stopping distance is also longer than usual.

Finally, make sure you have your emergency essentials. The basics include your phone, emergency contacts, a torch, a warning triangle, warm clothing and hi-vis wear.

For even more advice, get in touch with us at Croyland and we will be more than happy to help you drive safely for the winter season.

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