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Standard Petrol Changes in September

At the start of September, the government’s E10 petrol fuel campaign rolls into action. Throughout the summer, an increasing number of petrol retailers have begun to make the move to allow E10 fuel to become available in their forecourts.

The standard petrol grade in the UK will shift to this E10 variant. Having E10 available alongside E5 fuel would allow 95% of petrol-powered vehicles on the road today to help contribute to cuts of CO2 emissions by 750,00 tonnes a year, or the equivalent of taking 350,00 cars off the road according to the Department of Transport.

So, what is Ethonal?

Ethanol is an alcohol-based fuel which is produced from a variety of plants, including grains and sugarcane, alongside their by-products. E10 petrol contains up to 10% renewable ethanol in comparison to the pervious E5 standard petrol in the UK, which has up to 5% renewable ethanol.

So how do I know if my vehicle is compatible with E10?

All cars manufactured since 2011 are completely compatible with E10 petrol, and most cars and motorcycles manufactured since the late 1990s are also approved by manufacturers to use E10 petrol.

The following vehicles, however, may not be compatible with E10 petrol:

  • Classic, cherished, and older vehicles
  • Some specific vehicle models, especially those from the early 2000s
  • Some mopeds, particularly those with an engine size of 50cc or under

The official government website has a E10 compatibility checker to help drivers see if their vehicles are E10 compatible.

If your vehicle is not compatible with E10, you will still be able to use E5 in most filling stations by purchasing the ‘super’ grade petrol. Fuel pumps will be clearly labelled with E10 or E5 petrol. If you wanted a professional to check if your vehicle is E10 compatible, Croyland’s Service & MOT Centre can assess all makes and models. Just call 01933 413 415 to book your appointment.

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